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“Our strength lies in understanding every aspect of your requirements and fulfilling every clients visions for the truly unique and extraordinary event experience by emphasizing on reliability, quality and extensive customer service”

We offer an extensive portfolio of services to our customers, Not all events are created equally. For flawless technical and logistical delivery you need more than a hire company, you need event experts who can advise and deliver across multiple budgets and to multiple ends.

A well-organized event is the key to place a product, service or personal moment on the benchmark. The professional manner in which an event is coordinated and carried out makes all the difference, this task requires a specialist's set of unique skills; experience and no one, other than those well conversant with event management can carry it out.


With a precise brief, we will take over every aspect of your event starting from audiovisual rentals, production, project management, conceptualization, branding, décor, and entertainment  (A-list talent and local artists). In simplicity, we take pride in ensuring the event runs smoothly back and front of the house. Our event solutions are meticulously personalized for each client and we offer you what you envisage at an attractive price. We provide exceptional customer care and are on call 24/7 to serve you.




  • To be a locally successful, sought after and well respected events solutions company in all aspects present;

  • To provide a personalized approach in rendering any service possible, offering services from concepts to production;

  • To price each of our clients according to their personal needs, surpassing their expectations along the way.




  • We seek to establish "common cause" relationships with our clients, working hand-in-hand to fulfill their needs;

  • We should seek to maintain the highest levels of integrity and honesty in all our operations;

  • No project is too big or too small. Each should be serviced with the same consideration and focus on the client's need, wants and expectations, regardless of the size of the event;

  • The experience is what will resonate with our people, our clients and their audience. Everything we do should be in support of elevating that experience.



Founder / Managing Director

Urged by a keen interest in making a difference, I am privileged to welcome you to a new era of Event Solutions & Management, where fifteen years of hands on experience of what I do stand for and deliver. Alliance Events was established with a passion for fulfilling clients’ visions for the truly unique and extraordinary event experience by emphasizing on reliability, quality, and extensive customer service.  



·      Creative 

·      Visionary 

·      Project Management 

·      Special Events Planning & Management

·      Production Coordination 






Partner / Operations Director

Eight years working at UDDJs Party Services and F.A.M.E. Creative Agency I have gained hands on technical knowledge in venue planning, audio visual, sounds, lighting, staging and rigging. At Alliance Events my key responsibilities are to lead the technical and production team to ensure that every job is delivered to the best interest of our customers.


·      On-site Event Planning & Management

·      Technical Expertise

·      Budgeting

·      Staffing

·      Inventory

·      Logistic



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